Here's a photo of me in the control room: Here I'm mixing a track off of my latest album with Antonio Juarez.  The console I'm using is a Yamaha DM 20000

Audio Post Production (editing, SFX, music)

Music Production Examples

(mixing, recording & engineering):

Video Production Examples

( music creation, editing, animation, mixing):

Art Collaboration 6.25.20:

This video exhibits an art collaboration between myself and Chris Combs,  an artist in Washington, D.C.

In this role I created 7-10 custom pieces of music and atmospheres for him to use in his interactive user interface. This project was a blast, and gave good experience providing deliverables to a client in a custom manner.

Find this project here:

2019 Music Demo Reel:

Download the reel here:        Jaron Pascoe Demo Reel for Music Production