Sell Beats during the Corona Virus 2020

You’ve likely got some serious time on your hands, so if you want to make money with your free time, here’s a couple awesome ways to sell beats during your quarantine.

  • Sell Beats on BeatStars:

You probably already have a BeatStars Account, but if you don’t this is where Lil Nas X picked up the “Old Town Road” beat for $30 from Yung Kio

Sign Up for BeatStars here and get to work uploading one beat a day, or 3 a week. I won’t be giving out a tutorial, but there’s plenty for you to learn here, here, and here

  • Sell Beats On YouTube:

The new thing these days is FREE. It’s been around for a while, but people expect free music content because of streaming platforms. Don’t fight the tide, put up some free beats for people to share and use.

Free Beats = Comments and Subscribers.

This will take a while, but watch the downloads rise. For every person that downloads a free beat, there’s a new fan. I use BeatStars to deliver my free downloads so I can capture a follow or an email to send out more offers too later. This will help me send emails to grow my fanbase.

If I didnt have a Beatstars Account to capture emails, I’d use Google Drive to host my files for download, and leave the link for those in the description.

  • Sell Locally to your People:

I’ve made the most money, and had the most success so far selling beats to people I know locally. I’ve sold a few to my friends before or after recording sessions, and BeatStars was super easy to handle the transactions on.

These are your friends, and since everyone is putting work in, Ill sell beats and do free studio time for people I believe in. This won’t work for all your audio friends and rappers, but If it’s someone who’s putting the work in, I’d say do the free studio time. In the end, its all about creating something to put out there.

Keep researching and learning during your time quarantined. as Curtiss King says in this video:

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Music Producers, make this tough time mean something.

Take this time to learn something new. Take this time to get better at what you do. In 30 years, do you want to tell your grandchildren that during the coronavirus of 2020 you stocked up on 1,000 rolls of toilet paper? No! You want to tell them it was the best month vacation of your life. You want to say you sold a bunch of beats and learned a ton of new things.

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