How To Make Beats – 3 Secrets That Produce Music Fast!

How To Make Beats – 3 Secrets That Produce Music Fast!

The first secret I can give you is that you don’t need all the latest gear and newest plugins to create rap beats. In fact, You can make beats with the basic essentials – a computer and some software!

I’ve got a post that can help you choose software like FL Studio, which you can read here:

Computers come in all shapes and sizes, so I’ll leave it to you to research your best options for size, capability, and style.

Here’s Secret #1:

You don’t need any expensive gear or fancy software plugins to make great music! I like to compare it with this analogy: Your tools of choice for sound are like a paintbrush; If you know how to use it you make make works of art from the simplest colors (especially in this world of modern art!)

Again, if you can learn to just paint with your brush rather than focusing on which bristles it has, you’ll find that music just may come faster and easier than ever before.

Here’s Secret #2:


Experiment with sampling! If you aren’t quite ready to start writing your own music, start by sampling snippets of music for your beats. Lots of people find a cool guitar part, orchestra section, or bassline on YouTube, then create it to their liking. Sampling is a very powerful way to create music. Take a deeper look into sampling here:

Here’s Secret #3:

Whatever you do, have fun! Whenever I start making a beat, I either feel it or move on. It’s easy for me to say “If you aren’t enjoying it, find something you do enjoy – it will make it so much easier!”

Sometimes it helps to begin with the end in mind, figure out precisely what style of beat you want to make.
Don’t copy exactly what others have done, but infuse your own type of style by experimenting and playing around with what you like to hear and what you like to make.



Here’s the Takeaway:


Making beats is as simple as finding your tools (paintbrushes) and getting started creating beats (painting)
In the end if you aren’t making (painting) what you like, draw inspiration what you like around you. It’s what artists have been doing since the dawn of time!

Happy Creating!

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