How to Upload Beats to Instagram – Sell Beats On Insta:


How to Upload Beats to Instagram – Sell Beats on Insta

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My Home Feed on Instagram is packed full of videos. Lots of them are ads or Vines, but rarely a producer puts up a video of a new beat for sale. If you want to learn to reach a large audience on Instagram effectively, check out this guide on how to upload beats onto the app.


First, start with a good beat you want to sell on Instagram. I personally upload the beat to BeatStars (which I then sell the licenses from.) I also upload my beat to SoundCloud and YouTube.



Take your beat, and place it in a video. I make music video backgrounds for my beats (like this one) in Adobe After Effects. I’ve heard YouTube now has a creator studio that can help turn your beats into videos. Instagram has a maximum video length of 60 seconds, so I make my previews 59 seconds.

I create a video at 1080 x 1080 resolution, Instagram’s standard video size. I will render the finished 59 second music video preview as a Quicktime File (.mov) then convert it to a very small sized .mp4 file.



Since I don’t use DropBox, I upload my 59 second beat video to Google Drive. From there, I like to download the video to my iPhone 4s camera roll using the Google Drive App. This makes saving the beat videos to my camera roll a breeze.

From there, I simply add the beat video onto my Instagram profile from my camera roll. Tag and link accordingly. Artists will be searching for your niche, and the better you tag your video and link it to the proper places where people can buy, the more you will sell.


In the end, there are many ways to accomplish the task of uploading your beats so apps like Instagram and Facebook. If you have another method, why not comment below and share?

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