How To Sell Your Beats Online And Make Money In 2018 (For Free!)

Making money these days doesn’t happen in one place. Multiple streams of income are becoming increasingly important to survive and flourish in the Digital Age. For musicians and producers, selling  your craft could be the ticket out of a constant struggle and getting yourself a ride to the good life. Here’s one of the best ways to sell your beats (or any music) online in 2018 for free.

sell your beats online and get paid directly from your home


One day, on a whim, I looked through my folders on my desktop and realized… “Wow! I have a goldmine of beats here. How can I get them to the artists who need these?” I had already built a small following on Soundcloud, but had nowhere to actually sell the uploads I was putting out. After a little searching, I found the holy grail I was looking for.


Beatstars helped me sell my first beat for $100.00, which is an incredible windfall for a beginning producer. You can set this all up on their website in a few easy steps. Here’s what a BeatStars Free account offers you:

sell your beats online for free in 2018 with beatstars

Here’s the main benefits of a (free!) account:

  • 10 tracks (which once they are sold, can be rotated out for new, fresh tracks!)
  • earn 70% of your music sales (without this account you would be making $0 dollars, total. 70% is a good cut for your first beats)
  • Instant Payments via Paypal and other services (easy for you, artists, and your customers)
  • SoundCloud Monetization (Earn money for people purchasing music already uploaded to your SoundCloud Account!)
  • Pro Page (Builds a basic website for you and lets you sell beats there, too.)
  • Facebook store (integrate sales right onto your music facebook page)


This account is an incredible blessing to beginning or intermediate producers who don’t have the connections to sell beats to artists in person near them. If you live outside of a city, or don’t know anyone you will sell your music to in person, BeatStars will connect you with real artists and get you paid. If you sold a beat every month, you’d afford an upgraded account and upload even more music, more profit, and more cash in the bank.

In 2018, selling your music independently or through websites like BeatStars is an incredible blessing and the only way to go for artists and producers who want to take charge of how they get paid and take charge of their careers.

Know of any other alternatives to BeatStars? Share them below:

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