The Future of Music?

The future of music is an impossible thing to predict. Since the beginning of it all, Music has continued to evolve and change. Some have seen music move from Big bands and Phonographs to the evolution of Jazz and Swing. Others have seen takeover of Motown, Michael Jackson and the Pop movement. We’ve all seen Hip Hop and Rap take the forefront in the 80’s and 90’s. Who knows what really comes next?

Here’s one theory:

Sitting down for my breakfast this morning, I popped open the plastic cover on a fresh new issue of WIRED  Magazine. Reading past the first few articles on gadgets and adverts, I stumbled into an article titled “Songs In The Key of AI.” Written by Matt Jancer, the article focuses on new concepts of music being written by computers. In a sense, Jancer offered a few pieces of tech that could change the way music is written and created.

The basic concept is that pieces of technology (like Flow Machines) study and analyze millions of pieces of music. Once the computers scan the pieces of music, they categorize each piece by a genre, and style, and all sorts of categories to form groups. Once sorted, the computer writes music based on the type of music specified and stays within the researched category. In a sense, it’s basically a program that writes music based on the formulas people have used for years.

Here’s another theory:

In 2018, artists could decide to embrace this computer analysis technology, and turn it into something greater. Many artists may shun the algorithms, stating that it destroys the human aspect of music and outsources the creativity. Music will always continue to evolve, and if people turned away from the synthesizer and exiled electric guitars in the beginning, where would we be now? if we embrace the technology being developed, it may leave us time to focus on different aspects of music, thereby changing the sound of things forever. While there may be no definite prediction, use your own mind to see what could be, not just as things are now.

Contest: Comment below with your predictions, and win the satisfaction of being close to right in the next five years!

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