New VICELAND Show : Cheap Thrills with Tabasko Sweet?

If you haven’t seen this before, you’re welcome.

Cheap Thrills is a series of videos that could be perceived as satire, aimed at young culture enthusiasts. Elements of “modern hip hop” and “fashion” come together in a comedy series hosted by Tabasko Sweet, featuring plenty of guests and topics. Many of the episodes feature Nate, A.K.A Tabasko Sweet, showing you how to create expensive pieces of clothing and accessories for minimal amounts of money. It’s a new, hip, sort of DIY arts-and-crafts show laced with new hip hop and culture references.

The episodes are definitely more entertaining than Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson.

Think what could happen if VICELAND picked up and funded a few seasons of Tabasko Sweet and his Cheap Thrills?
Plenty of viewers would really appreciate the feel of this series. Skaters, stoners, hip-hoppers alike would all enjoy the antics of Tabasko and his guests.

Watch more of Cheap Thrills here

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Food for thought:

VICELAND‘s epic TV shows are a great source of entertainment and information for a generation that wants to explore current topics and cultural issues. For many young people, finding something that captures their attention and keeps them interested is a tough goal. With the worlds of Hip Hop, Fashion, Politics, Medical Marijuana, Food, and many other topics of interest, VICELAND should be on every young person’s TV.

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Viceland’s ever growing show list… not to mention Weediquette


I’ll never forget the first time I watched a “Noisey” documentary. The show was documenting the rise of “grime” music in the UK. Starting with UK’s hip hop roots, they interviewed lots of locals and featured prominent figures in the “grime” music scene. The whole show was well produced, and I came away from the show knowing so much about the culture I knew nothing about pre-show.

I learned then and there that VICELAND is a real great choice to expand your viewing palette. Bring your boi Tabasko Sweet to the big screen, fam!

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