Best Hip Hop Lyrics 2017 – Entry 1: 50 Cent

best hip hop lyrics 2017

50 cent reaping the benefits of being a baller in 2017

50 Cent is old news.

Of course you knew that.

Heres something new, for each onslaught of new “lil ___” and “young___,” there’s a new movement that brings people closer and closer to a hip hop revolution, and closer to hip hop’s roots. What “rap” and hip hop music needs is a message. A message that will help listeners make sense of this crazy thing we call life.

Back in the 1980’s, artists tried to bring common observations and problems into the public’s ear.
In the 1990’s, artists elaborated heavily on problems each local listener might face, as well as give a new perspective to listen to.
The early 2000’s really exploded creatively, ranging from songs about common problems to club hits and even repetitive beat tracking.

2017: Hip hop music sucks ass

Here’s the deal. Artists who are keepin’ it real and helping kids learn important messages are stuck in basements and bedrooms recording for free with minimal equipment and exposure.
Big time artists are making bread selling fake images and posing as false idols. (The Gorillaz warned us!)

Hip hop can still be saved though, as exampled here by Mobb Deep’s Prodigy.

His newest release on features a track detailing an important fact through 50 Cent’s vocals.

Look for the “Chase The Paper” track on the RIP 3 mixtape

“You chase them hoes, I chase the paper” is the chorus 50 Cent will serenade you with.

The verse 50 delivers enlightens us that most girls throw affections whichever way the money blows.
You might think you have a solid girl or wife, but as soon as someone out earns or “outspends” you with gifts on that girl, they can flip on you in an instant. Never trust women with your life is 50’s message here, and with good reason.

Here’s the first of 50’s verse:

” I’m still a baller, I’m still balling
That’s five times I ain’t picked up, your b*tch still calling
I’m super ghetto, I’m still with the sh*t
Still pass the steel to my nigga, hit a lick
We still mob, niggas steal stuff
We still deal after deal, sh*t is no problem
He still love her, she ain’t sh*t
Get her a pair of Louboutins, she suck a dick”

What he’s saying is don’t be worrying about chicks till your money is right. when the chorus kicks in, he just coaxes you to earn money instead of impress women. In the end, the money will bring all types of women to your door looking for a piece of that action.

DJ Quik also hinted on this same message in the 1990’s with his track ” Safe + Sound”

“Some believe in love and some believe in friends

But n*ggaz like me believe in making ends

Cause even when your b*tch wants to trick around

You know the moneys got you safe and sound”

Here, Quik is saying that even when you spend your time showing ladies how much you care for them, the money speaks in the end. Even when your girl leaves you for the next rich man, the money you’ve earned will buy you another girl or other interests to fill that void.

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