26 Top Hip Hop Songs That Will Get You Laid – And Keep It Lit

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You want to be connected to the party’s Bluetooth speaker at all times. This list of the top hip hop and rap music songs of 2017 will make sure you never hear someone ask “hey, let me look one up.”

There are a few good reasons to know what the best rap songs are. Knowing what’s hot in trending music can get you laid, earn you respect from your (more easily impressed) friends, and keep your ear tuned to the trends that will be making money and getting airplay in the industry. While an ostrich may have its head in the sand, it would be to your best interest to keep an ear open for what’s out there.

  Some of the most popular new music :

Migos – Bad and Boujee

Drake – Fake love

21 Savage ft. Future – X

Rae Sremmurd – Black Beatles

French Montana – Unforgettable

Gucci Mane ft. Drake – Both

Big Sean – Bounce back

DJ Esco ft. Future & Lil Uzi Vert – Too Much Sauce

DJ Mustard ft. YG & Quavo – Want Her

21 Savage – Red Opps

Kamaiyah ft. YG – Fuck It Up

Dae Dae – Spend It

Trap Beckham – Birthday Chick

Future ft. Drake – Used To This

Phresher – Wait A Minute

Ty Dolla $ign ft. Future – Campaign

Tee Grizzley – First Day Out

YFN Lucci ft. Migos – Key To The Streets

Lil Ronny F – Up In The Air

Lil Durk – Money Walk

Lil Uzi Vert – You Was Right

OT Genasis ft. 2 Chainz – Right Back

YG ft. 21 Savage – Bullshit

21 Savage – No Heart

Lil Uzi Vert – P’s And Q’s

Kodak Black – SKRT

These songs, paired with plenty of booze and loud, are a sure fire way to get any party lit. Get laid by playing these songs at your house party to get things moving along, then groove on over to where the ladies are grouped together and get that little dance going. You won’t need to do much other than offer one a drink to get things going. While you alone determine the outcome of any particular evening, the right environment is KEY to snapping up las chicas.  In my part of town, we play oldschool hip hop like Big L, Rakim, Snoop and Devin The Dude. In mainstream America, just play the above list of new rap to gain approval with others around you.

If you are disappointed with the “top hip hop songs” of 2017, you’ll be very excited to know that a new Wu-Tang Clan album will be released soon!

You can listen to the album, “The Saga Continues,” here on their site.

While real hip hop music is not the most popular thing to the general public (which arguably has never been the case,) there is still hope. Releases from Wu will hopefully only be the start of things moving back towards the roots of rap music. In 2017, playing anything from Big L or KRS-One would get your Bluetooth privileges removed quick. If you want something that will sate your old school taste buds and still please the house party, check out ASAP Rocky’s “LiveLoveASAP” tape.

Download it from the ASAP MOB site here.

Since rap music will always be constantly evolving, shaped by the players in the game, we can never have things go back to the way the used to be, or the way we want them. In a whole, the hip hop music scene seems to have evolved a long way since the 80’s, and it won’t stop changing now. Observing what is hot in new hip hop songs will maybe give us keys to what the trends can hold in the future. New rap could have a more electronic element to it, and could even have vocals stylized in a way as to completely remove human elements and familiarity from the track. For more on what the future could hold for hip hop, read our article on hip hop music in the future.

As for what’s popular with trap music / hip hop right now, we can only read the information out there. Seems like the tracks listed above are getting millions, if not near BILLIONS of views on YouTube, which can only mean there’s a demand for what’s being produced and marketed in the industry. Chances are, if the public is comfortable with the messages and branding associated with the popular music acts above, anything goes for what will be played in the future.

Enjoy the list of what’s being played most in hip hop and rap music now in 2017, and here’s to changing what’s next for the future of rap music.

P.S. Did I miss anything?

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