Make A Hip Hop Music Video – On The Cheap!

Music these days does well accompanied by video. It is the day and age where people like using more than one sense at a time. And when it comes to representing your brand, you want to make your music video reflect your target market’s needs. If you’re targeting modern hip hop lovers, and want your five seconds of fame, make your music video on the cheap with these items from Amazon.

You could buy an $8,000 dollar chain, or you can substitute with something cheaper that the average hip hop head (these days) can’t tell isn’t the real thing. Try this prayer chain to supe up your style

This beauty is $10.. And in your music video this chain will offer you with credibility (since no one really cares whether your stuff is real or not, seeing is believing.)
There are plenty of other styles of chain for the same price, and since they are for your music video, the price don’t lie.

This ring comes in a 3 piece set for $8.00, and combined look great on your fist. Perfect for your music video when you need to crack skulls, light a spliff, or wave your fingers at the camera in an odd attempt to dance.

Since you need “ice” on your wrist to stay “so freezy,” There’s Amazon to save the day. Your budget music video is now hip-hopped. With this iced out watch that’s under $10, you can blind chicks, flick that wrist, and signal for help. (not in order.)

As A$AP Rocky would say, “without fake grillz, you’re f*cked.” Amazon saves your hip hop music video by supplying the same grillz used in Rocky’s “Purple Swag” video. 18k gold plated, and you can fit them to any set of teeth. Let me remind you, we’ve spent less than $40. You’re now iced out. You look like $100,000,000.00

Speaking of millions, you can buy some prop money like the kind they use in every music video. This is a large stack of 100 Ben Franklins. $20

This one’s my favorite. The bottle shown here is an easy breaking movie prop. It’s the kind they use to break over people’s heads without hurting anyone. So when your music video calls for a little action, it’s time to get two of these and film your crew breaking them on two FAT booties. (or whatever you’d like, ya know.)

The above link is a nice roll of led blacklights. If you are filming a hip hop music video, you’ll need some mood elements to really create and image for your brand. It helps to turn the lights low and hit these blacklights on. Put glow in the dark paint everywhere, or just wear white. This gives a nice neon glowing effect, and if you’re wearing your ice, you’ll look just like a snowman.



Lastly, you need a few goons in the background of your hip hop music video. Since this is a budget video, just give them a sweatshirt, an airsoft gun, and this creepy clown mask. You’ll have people thinking you’re a kingpin in no time at all.


This list is a good start to give you a modern style of hip hop music video, and could market your brand effectively. Use your imagination, and remember, I can’t supply you with talent.


Make your music video on the cheap and share it here.

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