What’s Rocky Wearing? “Peso” Adidas ASAP

While watching ASAP Rocky’s “Peso” video on YouTube, you’ll ask just what kind of Adidas collaboration this shoe is.

Turns out this is an Adidas and Jeremy Scott Collaboration.

Jeremy Scott is a fashion designer who moved to Paris and slept on the streets before becoming noticed in the world of clothing. His designs feature many bright colors, and have an 80’s style vibe to them, as well as futuristic and sci-fi elements.

Searching around the web led me to find just a few in this style still available, including this on Kixify for $470, a women’s 8.5 on poshmark $99.00 (who cares anyways,) and many styles on Amazon.

6 thoughts on “What’s Rocky Wearing? “Peso” Adidas ASAP”

    1. Hi, Pit!

      Those look like a high top version of a Timberland Boot


      This picture looks similar, albeit much lighter than the ones Rocky wears.

  1. Hey i was looking for the name of the shoes hes wearing minute 0:37-0:38
    When he Is in a rooftop wearing black joggers and a white tank top

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