What’s Next In Music – Hip Hop 2020

We’ve seen Hip Hop go from 90’s golden age (incredible thought provoking lyrics, beats cleverly crafted through sampling or total composition) right up to 2017 ( tuned vocals featuring mumbled or heavily slurred “words” speaking of status, social media, and what it’s like to be a commercial success.)

Girls, money, and clothes have always been a part of hip hop, but new trends and topics are more featured towards clothing, living double or triple lives, and obscure ways to take obscure drugs. New beats are following a set model of distorted 808’s or bass, with choppy, stuttered hats and staggered snare hits. Very simplistic, made to turn up the bass and tune out the words (… vocals.)

judging from whats coming from Future, A$AP Rocky, and Kanye (among many others) the future of rap will be dominated by obscure clothing brands (hipster-esque) “I found it before anyone knew about it.”

New hip hop will be including only the most high-rankin shit talkers, speaking only of vague and impossible feats aimed at expressing dominance over others (through comparing money, the obscureness of ones clothing, or commonalities within groups of people.)

Reading and watching what is happening in the industry points towards the almost-certain collaboration of fashion, audio, and video, combining into a sensory experience that could translate into mediums such as Virtual Reality, total 360 degree stereo imaging, and heavily branded imagery aimed to make you a fan, or buy what is being sold.

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