New REAL Trap Music – Hustle & Learn 2017

Music tells a story. Listen to “Dust In The Wind” by Kansas, and learn that nothing lasts forever, that everything we do will just eventually be forgotten with time. Listen to “Now I Feel Ya” by Scarface, and learn what his life was like growing up as a young buck in his neighborhood, trying to stay on the rise in a violent place to stay, and dealing with family issues while resolving problems as they arise.

Trap music in itself used to speak to a wide range of people trying to get their money up while not working a corporate slave job, trying to hustle the only way they knew how, to provide a life for themselves and their family, not just to wear giant chains and watches. Trap music is not all about a bitch, blowing your cash in the club, or singing about your stupid girlfriend. After listening to Young Jeezy’s 2005 Album “Thug Motivation 101: Let’s Get It,” you’ll inderstand it’s the struggle to survive in a world that’s been pushed against you, in a world that is tough to succeed and death is an everyday part of the struggle.

Young Jeezy’s “Thug Motivation 101: Let’s Get It”

-“It actually has more than one good song on it?”

-“Yeah, player!”

While today’s brainwashed masses may not fully appreciate the album if you put it on in the middle of a 2017 party, true fellows would realize the genuine message and feel behind the album. The album is best used to listen to in your free time to push and motivate your hustle, whatever that may be. Realize that life is short and you’d better enjoy the good life, and push harder each day to reach that goal you’ve set, than to live in poverty and struggle your whole existence.

If you’re looking for something that would do well at a party in 2017, DatPiff has supplied us with a member of 36mafia’s group, Project Pat. His tape “Street God 2” embraces the new generation of beats, while keeping true to his ATL roots and keeping the message straight for those listening

Click this to visit DatPiff and download Project Pat’s Street God 2

Check this out for a preview of Project Pat’s actually good trap music, buds:

-“Woah, he actually tells you something worthwhile?”
-“Yeah dude, there are snakes everywhere, and watch your back cause jealous beings want your riches.”

There is great Trap music out there! The best is hidden from plain sight because it speaks messages that would help the people rise up… which those in power probably want to avoid. It’s our job to spread the good word and help the people. Also check out Juicy J’s 100% Juice mixtape for some great trap that has a 50% true message on it… some of the tracks are just dank.

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