Make Beats And Sell Them Online – Hip Hop, Electronic, Any Style!

Anyone searching for ways to sell beats online will find they have many options.
Choosing between an online music sharing service, YouTube, or a custom built beat shop has many things to consider. Here are a few of the best ways to sell beats online.

Online Music Sharing Platforms:

What is SoundCloud?

It is essentially a music or podcast streaming platform, enabling you to listen to tracks or beats from all over, also allowing you to upload your beats and sell them online. Soundcloud allows you to link any listener back to another site and purchase your beats (Through iTunes, Bandcamp, Beatport, or a personal site.) Soundcloud features as neat audio player widget which generates audio waveform for your beat. 175 million listeners EACH MONTH is an attractive audience size.

Signing up is easy too! Check out all of the options HERE 


What is Bandcamp?


Bandcamp boasts a site to upload and discover great music, then directly support the artist through PayPal. Get a PayPal account HERE 

With a Bandcamp account, creating a profile and selling beats online is easy.
With the right promotion or buzz, sales could be extraordinary.

Create an account HERE




What is BeatStars?


BeatStars is a great digital marketplace to sell beats, download free hip hop beats, and share and sell your music. Beatstars allows uploads of instrumentals, beats, full songs, videos, and even images to share with the community.

Create a BeatStars account HERE

Signing up for an account with any of these platforms, or the many other options available, provide a space to upload and sell your beats, music, or service. Offering free instrumentals, or free hip hop beats will increase the samples and catalogue you have to offer to visitors searching for free rap beats or buying beats online.


To start selling your beats on the web, Sign up for PayPal (so people can send you money,) And get your music uploaded to sites with loads of visitors (BeatStars, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube.) Link your PayPal with links to purchase all of your beats, and let the money roll in. Promoting your music with various methods will only increase the amount of visitors you bring to your beats. As with everything in life, do more of your own research to find out what is going to work for your beats.


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