How To Make Music Online – Make Beats Online – Your Choices Are:


Looking to make music online? How about create beats directly on the cloud or through an internet app on the go?  Searching “music maker online” or “beat maker online” turns up with these results. It looks as though you have many options to create beats on the web.

First on the search results list was Soundtrap. Soundtrap offers a personal music application which includes virtual space to add loops and software instruments. Soundtrap lets you also record live instruments or vocals directly into their online platform to arrange in your browser. Sounds great, right? Sounds like one of the best options to make music online. Especially if you want to make a dank trap banger to sling at your sister’s friend’s house party.

Soundtrap hopes to compel users to try their easy-to-use tools, stating that it is not only for music pros, but beginners will find it a powerful online music making tool designed for everyone.

Not only is Soundtrap mobile, but works with Mac, PC, iPhone, Android.. even Linux and Chromebooks! If you need a music maker online AND want to make music on your phone, this is your site.

Finally, Soundtrap is a collaborative tool that lets you share your creations with friends and colleagues around the world. Sign up for the best online music making tool at Soundtrap.

Another option avaliable to you is Soundation. 

Soundation is an online music maker in the style of popular DAW’s accessed through your browser. Your browser must have flash enabled ( such as a browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.)
Aside from this, your online beat making craving will have plenty of tools to choose from on Soundation. Included are 14 real-time effects (such as delays and reverb,) and includes 5 virtual synths and 4 sample players!

Soundation also offers AUTOMATION which is very cool, change instrument parameters in a flash.

This cool browser app lets you mix down to .WAV files (woah!)  and even share and collaborate with the community!

You can create a nice profile and get started making music online here at Soundation

Another option to really get in there with making electronic music online is the Audiotool

Audiotool is a cloud-based online music production studio located right in your browser.
Audiotool also features a BUILT IN PUBLISHING PLATFORM, allowing you to post your tracks to Youtube, Soundcloud, and what have you… Excellent feature!

Check out the Audiotool here for yourself

Get out there and make trap music online! I can hear Young Jeezy crying already.

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